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Our Mission

Our mission at the Center for Sport Management is to advance the study and practice of sport management in all of its dimensions. The Center will support substantive research initiatives and provide service to stakeholders in sport for the purpose of enhancing sport industry practice. Through knowledge discovery, synthesis and application, the Center will serve as a positive change agent in sport.

Enhancing Sport Through Research, Education, and Service

The Center for Sport Management was founded in the Spring of 2008 under a George Mason University Charter prepared by Dr. Robert E. Baker. The Center is housed within the College of Education and Human Development. The Director of the Center for Sport Management, in conjunction with Center faculty, practitioners, and staff, supports the daily operations of the Center. An external Advisory Board, consisting of recognized authorities representing varied stakeholders in the sport world, is currently being amassed.

What we offer

The Sport Management program at George Mason University seeks to prepare reflective, principled, knowledgeable graduates with professional skill sets that enhance their success in the $450 billion sport sector.